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Grethel / Dec 05, 2014

On the 3rd of December Round Two decided to ignore general public opinion of opting for a normal clear before tackling heroic and took it upon themselves to crush heroic mode from the get-go albeit their rather lowish average item level of 635. The result was the untimely demise of Kargath Bladefist (HC), a realm 3rd.

"Is there perhaps a video of this kill you speak of?" - you ask. But of course. Check it out on Varileztra's Youtube channel.

Mayive / Nov 07, 2014
Initially formed as a team of players under the MCO guild name during the final month of the Wrath of the Lich King era, we were once known as 'The Mousesports' and later 'Team Thirteen'. We accomplished a near-full clear of all the content since Cataclysm launch, and later dispersed during the final year of the Mists of Pandaria, due to different reasons irrelevant to the game. Today, the majority of us have re-gathered with full intent of tackling the new content once again - even more efficiently and with greater momentum.

For this reason we have chosen independence from MCO; our intent is to remain highly competitive on the Shadowsong server as well as on European servers, and maintain our already thriving social environment at the same time.

We are primarily a 10-player, semi-hardcore raid guild with full intentions to expand further, in order to experience the most the game has to offer - 20-player raiding.